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Aug. 03, 2019

SYLUE founded in 1982, at present, SYLUE is a middle company in Ningbo, including CNC machining, Investment casting and Forging.

SYLUE always has a operation principle in heart, 'Customer First, Quality First'.

'Customer First':

1. 7 days refundable without reason

2. 1 year warranty

3. 0.1% per day delayed fine

'Quality First':

1. ISO9001 & 5S Management

2. 100% inspection

3. More than 3 times inspection for each item

At the beginning of founding, SYLUE only developed 100 kinds parts and finished 30000pcs per year.

In 2017, SYLUE already developed 10000 kinds parts and finished 5000000pcs per year.

SYLUE predicts SYLUE will develop 30000 kinds parts and finish 20000000pcs in 2020.

SYLUE has 5000m2 Factory, we have CNC machining workshop, Casting workshop, Stamping Workshop and Forging workshop. SYLUE has 25pcs CNC machines, 6pcs CNC machining centers, 4pcs CNC stamping machines, 2pcs large deep drawing machines, etc.

SYLUE's people is strict and lively, positive and antrorse, we embrace customers, we embrace future!!!